NLP Minds - NLP training in Bangalore

Do you want to empower yourself and maybe others as well?

Do you want to learn the tools and techniques to do the same?

In the process do you want to get healed of past hurts and pains?

You are at the right place..

We believe in Empowerment, Inspiration and Healing. We help you live your highest vision, achieve peak performance and master your mind.

How do we do this? Through education. The education is the greatest tool with which the humanity can be pushed forward.


We conduct experiential trainings to help you build the amazing success mindset. You know yourself better and you get tools to hone your skills. The empower you with tools help you heal your past (we all have some healing to be done from past) and plan your future independent from the past hurts and pains.

Coaching with Healing Touch:


Coaching is a powerful modality when you want to change your life by achieving the goals which you have been putting behind due to day to day busy-ness. At the same time we have pains, hurts and limiting from the past. We call our coaching – the Coaching with Healing Touch, where we blend coaching and healing together. We strongly believe that individual future growth can be greatly enhanced by healing the Coachee’s past through appropriate modalities and the using coaching modalities to enrich their future. W