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(Aug 12-15, 2017)

HSR Layout, Bangalore

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You don’t find the happy life, you make it.

What drives us?

We value Empowerment, Transformation and Deep Connection. Happiness is the goal we continuously seek for ourselves and our clients. We love Healing and Transformation. We believe that Freedom is what we are all here for.

Who are we?

NLP Minds is an initiative of people interested in expanding human potential.

We are passionate about self-empowerment, healing and developing deep connection.

At NLP Minds, we deliver Internationally Accredited NLP Trainings and Hypnosis Workshops.

Our belief is that the change can be fast and easy. One does not need to go through the hardships to learn something of great value.

All our trainings are driven towards delivering – Empowerment, Healing and Deep Connection.

You can also choose to work with us on 1:1 basis through Coaching or Healing modalities.

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What is NLP?

Have questions about NLP? And how it can benefit you?

Go through our NLP FAQs to know more about NLP and our programs.

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Naresh Kumar

Naresh is a trained Hypnotherapist, Certified NLP Coach by Richard Bandler, And Canfield Certified Success Principles Trainer.

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[FREE Program] NLP Practitioner with International Accreditation

NLP Trainings are refreshing, energizing and empowering experience. You learn how to connect with yourself and release toxic emotions, learn how the brain & mind works. You learn how to manage your stress levels, achieve peak performance and be HAPPY IN LIFE 🙂

Batch 1: Bangalore

Venue: HSR Layout, Bangalore

Dates: July 15,16,21,22,23 2017

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Batch 2: New Delhi

Venue: New Moti Nagar, New Delhi

Dates: Aug 12-15, 2017

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NLP Master Practitioner with International Accreditation

Venue: [TBD], Bangalore

Dates: August 1-9, 2017

Prerequisites: NLP Practitioner Certification

NLP Practitioner teaches you how to take off and start your NLP journey. NLP Master Practitioner aims at helping your scaling the highest altitudes. You scale not only for yourself but help others as well. Also you become true NLP Change Worker, who can influence, lead and transform others.

During this training, you not only solidify you basis NLP skill but also know how to use powerful language models to affect the subconscious minds of masses, become an effective leader .

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NLP Minds Train The Trainer

Venue: [TBD], Bangalore

Dates: August 10-13, 2017

Prerequisites: NLP Master Practitioner Certification

This course is for those who want to go beyond NLP Master Practitioner Level. In this course you learn the art and science of becoming truly Charismatic person. You take your leadership levels to an entirely different level, by polishing your presentation skills.

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