Focus on healthy self to improve your relationships

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This article explores the role of health in improving relationships and what can you do to improve your health.

Sometimes it becomes difficult to improve a relationship, especially when one is battling poor health. The self must feel healthy in order to enjoy the company of others, so the first step in developing a healthy self and work to improve your relationships is to set up a goal and a plan.

In NLP terms one must be congruent and in rapport with himself before he can be in good rapport with others.

It is very important to be healthy as it is said that a healthy mind resides in a healthy body. And relationships are mind games. The better you feel mentally the healthier relationships you will develop. The healthier relationships you develop, the better well-being you will enjoy… so it is a healthy loop.

Sometimes when one feels unhealthy, and have not discovered himself, trusting someone in a relationship could become difficult. The feeling of unhealthiness can also make it difficult for you to forgive others. This is why it is important to set goals and create plans to improve your health.

Since in relationships two people must work together to keep the relationship going, it is also important to include your partner, friends and family in your planning. The first step however is to sit down and think about your relationship. If you are hanging with negative people or in a bad relationship, it is not worth your time to include them in your plans. In this instance, you are better off letting them go. We do not have the power to change others, only our self.

We must work toward establishing good communication in order to improve our relationships. In this instance, you want to sit down and ponder over your situation in order to see both sides of the problem in order to improve your communication. When you have a failure in communication, it makes it difficult to clear up confusion. In fact, the confusion will become worse.

Some of the best ways to improve communication is to take time to enjoy the company of your relationship. Set up a time that both of you can get together and enjoy some quality time. Enjoy a nice walk with your mate and start a communication, discussing the weather. Discussing relaxed topics will encourage stress relief.

While you are spending time with our partner, try to escape topics that may cause stress. When the two of you are ready, begin discussing the problems in a calm matter. People make the common mistake of communication when emotions are in an uproar. You want to avoid this. It only leads to a battle of wits whereas no one can win.

Once you learn effective communication skills, your overall life will improve. You can learn the value of relaxing and staying in control of your life. Again, starting a relaxed communication is the first step in improving your relationship. You both can enjoy casual talk while relaxing, which may set the mood for romance. If you are in relationship and have children, perhaps you and your mate can plan a night together. Ask your family or friends to keep an eye on the children so that you and your mate can enjoy some time together.

Keep your goal and plans in sight. That goal and plan should include you working toward the healthy self. Keep in mind, changing your way of life, thinking, behaviors and going through the process of discovering the self could become difficult. If you can encourage the people that are in your life to work with you, it will lighten the load. Working through the difficult times is one of the ways that many people have overcome many obstacles.

The first step however is to improve your personal life. Once you have enhanced your personal life, you will find it easier to forgive others of their mistakes. Still, enhancing the personal life takes effort on your part. It is up to you to improve your life. You can never put the burden solely on someone else’s shoulders, since you are the responsible party to discover who you are.

Some words on working with a Coach to improve your health and relationships

Health and relationship goals can be tricky and need long term behavioral changes.

To be healthy, you might need to change your sleeping, waking up, eating patterns. You might need to change your entire lifestyle to support healthy well-being. As important as it is to focus on physical health, one must also focus on the mental health. A healthy dose of useful information and acquiring new skills is required.

To improve a relationship, you may need to let go of many negative behaviors like nagging, expecting too much, possessiveness, anger, stress etc and focus on developing healthy emotional well-being.

Both these behaviors may be difficult to improve all by yourself. For this I would suggest you to work with a coach. A coach who can take a third person view and help you improve you health, realtionships and overall well-being without being emotionally attached to you.

Can you coach yourself? Yes. Then why would you hire a coach ?

The answer is , “If you could have done it all by yourself, you would have done it by now”.

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