About the program:

We want you to be stress free and happy. Stress needs to be understood and handled. You might have attended some stress management programs or it maybe your first stress management program. Regardless of what it is, you are going to experience one of its kind program to deal with the stress.

This is program is more than stress management techniques

This program is not just about techniques. Definitely you will learn time tested stress management techniques in this program. If you have attended any of the stress management programs till now, you might have already come across several techniques. And some of the work, many of them fail. The reason is that they are not backed by solid concepts.

In the the Happiness Program, you will get the solid concepts about the Inner Game of the stress. As Sun Tzu said, you need to know your enemy in order to defeat it. And knowing enemy also means knowing the tricks that the enemy is going to employ to attack you.

And at the same time you must know about yourself and the arsenal you have to defend yourself. Hence you will get uniques insights about yourself. And also about deep theory about the techniques taught in this program.

What will you learn?

Key Outcome : Your Happiness Plan

In this program you will create a Happiness Plan for yourself. That is how you are going to promote happiness in your life.

About stress: Why do you have stress? What can the stress do to you? How to deal with the stress? Techniques to deal with the stress coming from the past happenings. How to deal with the anxiety about the future.

About Happiness: What is Happiness? Why do you need to be Happy? What are some of the misconceptions about Happiness? Can the Happiness be achieved? If yes, how?

Principles of Happiness: Seven key principles of Happiness

Power of words: Using the power of words to stay calm and relaxed.

Falling up: How to fall up than down.

Zorro Circle Technique: How to regain control when feeling overwhelmed by events in your life.

Mind: The theory of mind. Power of mind. And how to harness this power of mind for your benefit.

Relationship management: Techniques to enjoy your relationships, handle the conflicts gracefully.

Self-Hypnosis: Simple techniques to get into self-hypnosis in less than 30 seconds and reprogram your mind to let go of the stress and embrace the happiness.

Manage your brain: Techniques for handling stress, anxiety and phobias in a matter of seconds.

Creating instant state change: Learn to change your state from negative to positive in less than 30 seconds.

Resolving internal conflicts: Learn techniques to manage internal conflicts in less than 2 minutes.

Social Investment: The importance of social contacts and the techniques to build a wonderful social circle which supports your happiness.

The Tetris Effect: Tweaking the mental patterns.

About the Facilitator

You are not going to be trained by some awesome trainer. You are going to be coached by Naresh Kumar. Naresh is a practicing Hypnotherapist and Mind Coach. Naresh has helped thousands of people come out of depression, deal with stress, anxiety and achieve Happiness. Click here to know about Naresh.  Everyone gets benefitted during his workshops. He can help you bring  the change in a matter of few minutes.


Program policies

  • Program can be attended with prior registration only.
  • Program fees is not refundable.
  • In case you are not able to attend the program, you can send someone else at your place with prior permission from the organizer.
  • Program fees includes tea/coffee.
  • Program fee does not include lunch.
  • The program timings are 9:00AM-6:00PM.

Registration Details

Actual Workshop Investment: INR 15,000/- only

Early Bird Price : INR 3,500 /- only (First 10 seats)

{INR 6,500 (after 10 seats)}

Grand savings of INR 11500/-

Venue: HSR Layout Bangalore

Date: TBD

Timings: 9:00AM-6:00PM

Or call : +91 9108008584 for more details

Limited Seats Only