How to increase your will power

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Will power

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If you have a dream, don’t just sit there. Gather courage to believe that you can succeed and leave no stone unturned to make it a reality.
― Roopleen

This is a question I stumbled upon many a times and I would like to write about it today. The question is “How to increase one’s will power”. So many people seem to have got stuck with disease called lack of will power. They feel they are stuck but don’t have the will power or drive to get out of their situation.

In this post I am going to tell you the strategy you can adopt to dramatically increase your will power.

Reason for lack of will power

To tackle a problem we have to first undertand the root cause of the problem. What is the reason for lack of will power?

It could be lack of direction in life. Or it could be something happened in your life, your present circumstances, your fear of failure, fear of success (yes you are reading it right).

At the end whatever happened can be summarized as “pleasure pain relationship”.

Pleasure pain principle
Human mind is a strange system. For every process it associates either pleasure or pain based upon the event in our lives. And then it tries to avoid pain and go towards pleasure.

If you are suffering from lack of will power then ask yourselves:

What is the pleasure I have associated with the lack of will power?
And what is the pain I have associated with the abundance of will power?

Stop reading further and jot down your answers.

Limiting beliefs
Whatever you have identified in above pleasure pain exercise, can be summarized into limiting beliefs. We need to address them in order to get you unstuck.

Address this limiting belief first

Check if you have the limiting belief like “I cannot increase my will power?“.

Address the limiting belief by using the mantra:
“Shut the FUCK up. How the FUCK  you know? ” then add sentences which are universally true:
I have learned to walk using will power… I have learned to talk using the will power… I have fallen and risen  when <fill yourself> happened through sheer will power”

This will render this limiting belief weak, helpless and at the mercy of next exercise.

Take your beliefs about will power head-on
Time to take your beliefs about will power head-on.

Ask yourself following questions:
What will not increasing will power bring upon you?
What will increasing will power bring you?
What will increasing will power not bring you?

Keep asking these questions to yourself till you are satisfied with the answers.
Stop reading further again and write your answers. Resume only after you have written the answers.

Reverse the modalities

Now you have to reverse the modalities i.e. associated the pain with lack of will power and pleasure with abundance of will power. How do you do this?

Step 1: Imagine your current situtation as with lack of will power… imagine whatever you do when you are in this state…. imagine instead of you the donald duck is doing it… if you hear talking,imagine it is donald duck talking ..

Step 2: Visualize yourself with high will power and happy and more productive. Visualize yourself achieving the dream of your life (if you have figured one). Visualize yourself achieving your goals etc….. put as much detail as you want…and feel the feelings you are experiencing in your body and emotions.

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