How To Covertly Influence Anybody, Anytime in your Day to Day Conversations or Presentations AND Come Across as a Charismatic Person !

Leadership is not about a title or a designation. It’s about impact, influence and inspiration. Impact involves getting results, influence is about spreading the passion you have for your work, and you have to inspire team-mates and customers.  ~Robin S. Sharma


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Do you know you can form instant, deep connections with ANYBODY by ignoring the usual rapport-building advice?

Whether you are speaking to someone under you or higher authority than you, you can change you wording in such a way that they end up doing what you want them to do.

Do you know you can come across as a Charismatic Speaker in all your presentations or speaking engagements, by learning the Hypnotic Influence Techniques taught in this masterclass.

After all, the charisma is all about believing in your talk and then communicating with the unconscious of the other party. ~Naresh Kumar

These are just few of the benefits of the techniques, that you are going to learn in this home study program.

You are going to learn the powerful influence techniques which leaders, motivational speakers, hypnotists have been using for years to influence people and come across as authority.

These are really very very powerful principles, which you are not going to learn in any of the communication skills trainings.

The Hypnotic Influence Masterclass (Home Study Program) is designed to teach you these powerful principles in very simple manner. Here you will learn various methods of influence used by top Hypnotists, Leaders and Salesmen.

This class teaches you to use techniques from NLP and Conversational Hypnosis in to influence the unconscious mind of your audience in covert manner. These things are difficult to detect during the conversations, unless the other person is trained in it.

Fortunately, only less than 0.1% people are trained in Conversational Hypnosis, that means you will have advantage over 99.9% people.

Play Nice & Win!

All said,  “Hypnotic Influence Masterclass” is perfect for you if you routinely find yourself interacting with people who are:

  • People/Audience members who are stubborn
  • Just won’t listen
  • Never let you get a word in
  • Judge you before they know you properly
  • Never give you a chance to explain your ideas or reasons
  • Or… just don’t want to hear whatever you have to say

It is especially useful if 

  • You are not confident about putting your point across
  • You are generally introvert
  • People don’t take notice of you
  • You just don’t know how to talk to someone
  • You have great things to say, but find it difficult to address them
  • You are in a job which needs you to get things done from others

Conversational Hypnosis is a MUST have Powerful tool to influence people. 

Why not see for yourself?

Why not enroll into this masterclass? It’s is a quick study course.

Once you practice different things taught in the course, you will start noticing different reactions and responses you get from other people. You may see them suddenly warm to you. You will probably notice them them as they nod their head to your ideas .

Once you notice the results from the Hypnotic Influencing Techniques you learn from this course, just go through it couple of times more and start incorporating more of these influencing secrets to take your influencing skills to another level.

What will you learn in this home study masterclass?

Modules-Hypnotic Influence Masterclass

  • Hypnotic Language Patterns To Rapidly Change Minds
  • How To Use Pattern Interrupts To Gain Control Over Any Situation
  • How To Develop The Voice Which Will Convey Confidence And Authority
  • How To Use Story Telling To Influence People
  • How to Use “Silence” as an Influencing Tool
  • Simple Way To Read People Like An Open Book And Get Instant Edge Over Them
  • The 6 Psychological Tools Of Influence
  • Frame Control
  • Charisma Pattern
  • How to control a subject’s conscious attention so that they accept your suggestions
  • How to become a Hypnotic Speaker or Presenter
  • How to make your presentations more effective by “Embedding commands” subtly in your seemingly harmless speech
  • How To Plant Potent Suggestions In Someone’s Mind Without Detection

Become One of the Most Likeable, Charismatic And Respected Person In People’s Minds

The tools in this program will make you one of the most Likeable, Charismatic And Respected Person In People’s Minds… and that will make those people to instinctively want to do almost anything for you.

But it all starts with getting access to the “Hypnotic Influence Masterclass” .

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With Mr. Pradeep Agarwal, Well known Hypnotist and Sports Coach from India.

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