Certified NLP Practitioner Program

5 Days/40 Hours of NLP Classroom Training with Author, Coach and NLP Master Trainer (NFNLP) Naresh Kumar

  • Boost your credentials with International Certificate in NeuroLinguistic Programming

  • Take your communication to the next level

  • Ethically master your and others’ minds

  • Get things done really fast

Next Batch (Bangalore) – Jan 4,5,11,12,18 2020



Dear Reader,

We invite you to our 5 days NLP Practitioner Program.

NLP credentials are in hot demand. Be it Coaching, Training, Counseling, Therapy or Sales – The demand of NLP Trained professionals is growing day by day. The organizations are investing in Trainers and Coaches to achieve peak performance in Sales and Operations. 

About the Program (NLP Minds NLP Training in Bangalore)

NLP Practitioner workshop is FUN Filled, ACTION PACKED program. The program is conducted by Naresh Kumar – Author and Master Trainer of NLP.

Course contents:

  • Model of Learning
  • NLP Communication Model (Deletion, Distortion and Generalization)
  • Sensory Modalities/Representational Systems
  • Sensory Acuity
  • Predicates
  • Eye Accessing Cues
  • Perceptual Positions – Resolve Relationship Conflicts
  • HOT Model
  • Rapport Building
  • Sub-Modalities
  • State Elicitation
  • Progressive Dissociation Technique – For bad memories
  • NLP Presuppositions/Beliefs of Excellence
  • Swish
  • New Behavior Generator
  • Visual Squash – Resolve Internal conflicts
  • Adding resources to existing excellent behavior
  • Anchoring
  • Fast Phobia Cure
  • Behavior Transfer/Change
  • Rewriting memories/Changing Personal History
  • Circle of Excellence/Circle of Power
  • Milton Model (Language Patterns for Influence)
  • Meta-Model
  • Re-parenting/Rewriting a Happy Childhood
  • Mending Broken Heart/Getting on with life
  • Time Line Therapy
  • Removing anxiety about future events
  • Developing Self-Appreciation
  • Building Self-Confidence / Handling Criticism
  • Parts Integration/Resolving Inner Conflicts
  • Steal a skill technique – Modeling at subconscious level
  • Application of various skills to influence others
  • How to become a powerful speaker
  • Changing Limiting Beliefs
  • Creating New Powerful Beliefs
  • And much more…….

8 reasons to Train with NLP Minds

  • 4 Levels of Internationally recognized NLP Trainings – We can take you till NLP Coach/Trainer Level 
  • Internationally Accredited Certificate from NFNLP (one of the three most respected accreditation bodies)
  • Lean Trainings – The most cost effective way to become an NLP Coach/Trainer with International accreditation
  • No Geographic limitations to conduct your programs – Once certified, you have complete freedom of conducting your programs anywhere in the world.
  • After course support – We are always WhatsApp/Phone Call away.
  • Weekend batches – No need to apply for leaves or shuffle you week to accommodate your NLP Trainings. Instead we have accommodated our trainings to your availability.
  • Classroom and Online batches. You can directly attend the classroom batches in finish everything in one shot or attend our online trainings from anywhere in the world and let the content seep into your mind over a period of time.

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In Trance – One day NLP Workshop – NLP Training in Bangalore

It was a chance conversation with Mr. Naresh Kumar that brought me into contact with the wonderful world of NLP. His vision on its efficacy and usage convinced me that it was something I should undertake as first an experience and then a certification. The sessions conducted by him for the NLP Basic Practitioner course were nothing short of brilliance personified.

His command over the subject and practical style made it easy for me to grasp the concepts which seemed difficult when I glanced through the material provided. His warm and reassuring words always guiding me in the search for excellence of the concepts to be practiced were like a soothing touch while trying to grasp difficult concepts. I cannot but look back on the sessions and say that I have emerged a better person thanks in part to NLP methodology of course but also in major part to the vision and guidance of Mr. Naresh Kumar.

I am deeply indebted to him for introducing and training me on this wonderful technique and would recommend him as one whom any person interested in NLP should be trained by. I would love to do a Master Practitioner when the time arises with him so that I can learn more from this knowledgeable and wonderful man.

~Dr. Asad Chaturvedi, (Author, The Leadership Conundrum, Coach and Trainer)

This is an amazing program – filled with so many transformational techniques. When it comes to giving the content away – Naresh does not hold anything back. You not only get great content but all techniques are re-inforced through practice. There is no dry theory – it is a great fun filled program, where you learn by doing. ~Arti  

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Upon successful completion of the training the you will get NLP Practitioner Certification from NFNLP USA, signed by Dr. William Horton himself.

NFNLP USA is a premier NLP Accreditation body. The NFNLP certificate is valid Internationally. The program cost also includes one year NFNLP membership and your profile will be published in the members directory on NFNLP Website.


The market value of this course is INR 71000 /- including NFNLP certification and NFNLP Membership Fee.

However  we have optimized the cost by following Lean Methodologies, where we have cut down the extra flab that escalates the program fee for the participants. We pass this benefit on to our participants. This enables us to deliver the complete content content at competitive prices.

Hence if you register with us you will pay only:

INR 20,000/- 

(Including NFNLP Certificate worth $125)

Note:Use NEFT/UPI method for payment to avoid convenience fee

Convenient EMI Option is also available at the time of payment

Call +91-9108008584 for any assistance.

Thanks Naresh for providing such an amazing course at such a price. ~Mabel S

Naresh has stripped all the doodads down and running NLP Programs in a LEAN WAY.  The venue chosen is to reduce the cost without compromising the learning experience at all. The course content is of high quality, and the certificate has international validity. Nowhere else you find such VALUE FOR MONEY course in NLP’s World. ~Deep Kumar

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I become an NLP Trainer or Coach?

Becoming and NLP Trainer or Coach is a journey which starts with acquiring skills through extensive training. There are three levels to become NLP Trainer or Coach.

  • Level 1 : Certified NLP Practitioner (This program)
  • Level 2: Certified NLP Master Practitioner
  • Level 3: Certified NLP Trainer/Coach

You cannot skip any level. After completion of each training – you will be given an Internationally valid certificate from NFNLP USA – a premier NLP Accreditation Body, signed by Dr. William Horton himself – founder of NFNLP USA.

I don’t want to become NLP Trainer/Coach – can I join this program?

By all means – Yes. A good number of our participants are interested in NLP for their own professional/personal development. They may not always want to go for all levels. However we do recommend everyone to do all levels.

Why should I train with NLP Minds ?

Because of what we stand for – Freedom. We want you to have your own main or side hustles. We want you to start your own businesses in Training/Coaching or take your businesses to next level after completing training with us. There is congruency in what we advertise and what we do. Unlike others – we do treat you as our future partners – and not competitors.

We offer NFNLP Accredited trainings. NFNLP is a premier NLP Accreditation body. The sheer power of NFNLP lies in the quality content and internationally valid certificate. While others probably can (or rather will) take you only till Master Practitioner level – NLP Minds Trainings take you till NLP Trainer/Coach levels with International Accreditation. You will be trained by Naresh Kumar – Two times Master Trainer of NFNLP USA and mentored/coached by Dr. William Horton himself.

What do you mean by Lean Methodology?

Lean Methodology comes from Lean Manufacturing where the emphasis is to follow practices to minimize the waste and keep the costs of the products and services down. In our programs we follow the same principles. We believe learning can happen in fast, fun and fulfilling manner in a cost effective way. Hence, rather than arranging a five star hotel in posh locality – we hire a good training room with good connectivity to deliver programs. And rather than paying for expensive buffets (and billing the same to participants), we let the participants choose what and how they want to have. The participants can bring food from home, order in through mobile apps or explore various places in the vicinity of training facility. In short we keep the logistical costs down and pass all these cost benefits to participants.

Program Policies (NLP Minds NLP Training in Bangalore)

  • The program timings are 9:00AM-6:00PM. The participant commits to this timing.
  • Prior registration is must for attending the program
  • The participants will get homework after every class. The homework is mandatory for the certification eligibility.
  • Lunch is not included in the program fee. 
  • Program fees is not refundable.
  • In case you are not able to attend the program, you can send someone else at your place with prior permission from the organizer.