Why have we stopped calling you?

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Some people come to us when they are in exploration mode and express their interest in the NLP Trainings. We keep them informed for couple of workshops and still if there is not interest we drop their names off from the list.

The reason is simple – we don’t want to waste our and their  times if there is no business to be done.  Everyone has got to move on – and we move on really fast.

This also means that when you approach us for inquiring about a future course – you are safe from unwanted calls/messages. We are not going to spam you with unwanted messages. We will try couple of times if we feel you are interested. And after couple of times we won’t try even if you are interested.

Some of the people we drop off come back on their own after following the workshop. So there is a time-lag for some people from the time the idea is conceived to the time it matures. We respect this natural process.

The Universe rewards action takers. And these action takers reward us through their participation. We reciprocate this with various life transforming offerings. However, the loop has to start with you taking the action. We can market our courses and attract you to this website. But if someone is not going to take any action – we give up on them after couple of retries and move on with someone who is an action taker – because in that case the Universe is on our side.