What is it in your life that you want to achieve? Where do you want to go?

Naresh is a successful Author, NLP Trainer, Hypnotist and Coach.

Naresh is a change worker and has undertaken thousands of hours of study  and undergone hundreds of hours of training to hone his skills. He is masterfully skilled in the areas of NLP, Hypnosis, New Age Thought and several other modalities of healing and personal development.

Naresh is passionate about Rapid Change Work. He believes that time is the most precious asset that we have. Unlike other therapists and coaches, his sessions are far shorter and more effective.

He has successfully helped people get out of depressions, anxieties, addictions, fears/phobias etc and helped them develop Manifester mindset.

He has authored best selling audio program: “The Hypnotic Influence Masterclass”.

Therapeutic Coaching

If you are looking to generate more success in your life, and you want to achieve it fast, then coaching is the way to go. As a coach he works with you as an accountability partner. He helps you get clarity in your life, chalk out your goals and in planning your actions. Then every week, he hold you accountable and helps deepen your learnings. With continued integration of learning and accountability you start achieving your goals at your peak performance.

Therapeutic coaching is a specialized form of coaching where change work happens through the traditional coaching modalities as well as therapeutic interventions wherever required. This expedites the change work and makes future completely independent of the past.


Naresh believe in rapid change work. Though his focus is on NLP and Coaching he offers therapy on limited basis. If you are struggling with a mental issues or physical diseases or are experiencing unexplainable patterns in life, then therapy could be the solution. Your subconscious mind has the answer to your diseases and patterns…. and it can heal these diseases and break these patterns.


If you are simply interested in learning new skills which can transform your life then the NLP, Hypnosis and other trainings are the best bet for you. Naresh offer only those trainings which inspire or empower people. His trainings are based upon NLP, Hypnosis and Success Pricinples.

With Michael Beale, Executive Coach, Hypnotist, Trainer, Stakeholder Centered Coach

With Mr. Pradeep Agarwal, Well known Hypnotist and Sports Coach from India.



Disclaimer: The results the services offered by us are may vary from person to person as each individual is unique.