[Video] What are various NLP Certification Levels

Today’s video discusses one of the most common questions we get from people new to NLP -- what are various levels of NLP? There is no standardization body for NLP. Different organizations conduct the trainings differently. However there are certain commonalities or unwritten accepted rules about NLP Trainings. This video is my small contribution towards bringing clarity to the newcomers.


[Video] Why Milton Model Does Not Work For Many People -क्यों मिल्टन मॉडल कई लोगों के लिए काम नहीं करता है

Milton Model is the most taught language model in NLP. Rarely any NLP Training happens without the Milton Model. The claims are that it is too powerful and can make anyone Hypnotic speaker or influencer etc. I do not believe so. I have seen several NLPers trying to use Milton Model and failing. Even before I myself learned, I can recount many instances when people tried to use Milton Pattern on me and I rather got irritated by them. I did not know then that it is called Milton Model. However one remembers absurd things which someone told them and they felt irritated. On the other hand people claim to use Milton Model effectively and getting things done. For example this is being used a lot by mentalists like Darren Brown, the NLP founders, top salesmen and several other to a great success. Here is a video covering why it works for some people and not for others. The video is in Hindi.

Why should you learn NLP?

Why should I learn NLP? or What is NLP? And should I go for NLP or some other xyz modality?

If you are on this website, you must have asked these very questions to yourself. Watch the following Facebook Live to know the answer.