Why should you learn NLP?

Why should I learn NLP? or What is NLP? And should I go for NLP or some other xyz modality?

If you are on this website, you must have asked these very questions to yourself. Watch the following Facebook Live to know the answer.


Change in life? Here is how to maximize your success rate

Change is the only constant in life. Expecting otherwise is going against the law of mother nature.

Changes can happen on their own.

Or you can also plan some changes in your lives like a new career, new relationship, more finances etc. However most of the times, the planned changes are known not to stick. So what could be the reason?

And what to do to make permanent changes in life or at least to increase your chances of success w.r.t change.

NLP has the model of Neuro-Logical levels of change. Go through this Facebook Live video, and evaluate if it was the reason for not being 100% successful in some change you were trying to create. Most probably the answer is going to be a resounding yes. Just as it happened to me when I came across this model for first time.

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NLP Lecture – Getting Rid of Bad Memories – NLP Elevator Technique – Best NLP Training in Bangalore

We all are haunted by some bad memories of the stuff that happened in the past. NLP has got a number of techniques to deal with the bad memories. This demo in the video is about how to use NLP Elevator Technique, as it is popularly known to work with such memories.

This video is for educational purpose only. In this video I am working with a workshop participant to help her release the emotional charge associated with a bad memory by changing the pictures and sound qualities associated with the memory.