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Online NLP Training – 10 Day Journey

We have completed the 70% Online NLP Training journey. We are seeing rapid results in participants. Participants are learning average 3-4 techniques alongwith practice and theory behind them in every class. Now they are no longer amazed at the speed at which the change is happening. They are not shocked to learn that a phobia […]

Day 7 of Online NLP Training + Hindi Batch

We completed 7 days of Online NLP Training. We are also starting our first Hindi batch of NLP from June 4. Day 7 – we finished 50% of NLP Presuppositions – a set of powerful belief statements modeled after the great change workers. The NLP Presuppositions greatly alter the outcome when you hold these true […]

Day 6 – Online NLP Training and Hindi Batch

We finished day 6 of the Online NLP Training. The batch is getting along better and better. So far we haven’t done any formal rapport building techniques… but the batch is in high rapport mode. People want to stay in breakouts longer and longer. And since we are getting into high gear – the participants […]