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FREE NLP Training in Bangalore

Learn path breaking technology of NLP. Or take your NLP skills to new level if you are an existing NLP Practitioner. Join us for our FREE NLP Training in Bangalore.

Free NLP Training, Discounted NLP Training

What is NLP?

NLP is and attitude and a methodology, which leave behind a trail of techniques. ~Richard Bandler

NLP is an accelerated learning strategy for the detection and utilization of the patterns in the world. ~John Grinder

The term NLP stands for:

Neuro- Refers to the neurology

Linguisctic- Language or our communication system

Programming – Our strategies and behaviors in life.

As the name suggests, NLP refers to using Neuro(logy) (brain in simple terms) and Language to modify strategies and behaviors.

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Next Batch: July 15,16,21,22,23 2017

NLP Tools are used internationally in different industries: Therapy, Counseling, Business, Sports, Sales, Communications, Law, Sales, and Education.

About the Program (FREE NLP Training in Bangalore)

NLP Practitioner workshop is a 5 days entry level NLP Program. The program is conducted by Naresh Kumar, who is an author, Practicing Hypnotist, Richard Bandler Licensed NLP Coach and NFNLP Certified Trainer.

This is highly experiential workshop where the participants learn by doing the techniques. The techniques taught in the program are aimed at personal development. Using these techniques one can manage his state and be effective in inter-personal relationships.

During the Free NLP training in Bangalore you will learn:

  • Techniques which work on Neurology i.e. brain to reprogram your mind
  • Language models to enhance your communication
  • How to club both techniques and language to create powerful changes in yourself or others

Why is this program priced at low price (Free NLP Training in Bangalore, India)

Typical NLP Practitioner Programs in India  cost anywhere from INR 35000/- to INR 100,000/-.

The FREE NLP Training course is offered in Bangalore, where the participants pay only for the administrative charges.

The reason is that even though we are conducting NLP programs for past several years, NFNLP program is a new offering we are bringing to our clients, and we want to gather feedback from you.

The program content is same as our full priced program and at better than any other programs on the market.

In fact you will end up learning more, and from better faculty in this program. Apart from being an NLP Trainer, Naresh Kumar is also an NLP Coach and practicing Hypnotherapist. He has conducted hundreds of hours of coaching and therapy sessions and been also conducting NLP & Hypnosis trainings for long time.

In return to this offer, you are encouraged to provide you feedback and a testimonial. These are optional however. We do not force participants to provide any feedback/testimonial which they don’t want to provide.

Also, we expect you to conduct at least five hours of coaching per year FREE of cost. This is also optional. We do not force or monitor our participants for this.

All in all, this FREE NLP Training in Bangalore, is a top notch Value For Money (VFM) course.

Our Methodology: (FREE NLP Training in Bangalore, India)

The course is a blend of Experiential and Content richness. We teach NLP in simple English. Even a 10 year old can understand NLP with our methods.

In FREE NLP Training in Bangalore program, your NLP mindset and attitude will be built in steps.

You will learn through repetition, practice and by experiencing NLP yourself.

Our aim is that by the time you will walk out after completing the program,  your NLP skills should be on higher side than graduates from other programs.

Lots of concepts and techniques taught in this course are not even covered in any other programs.

As a result you walk out as a better NLP’er from the program than other programs in the market.

To summarize, we use NLP to teach NLP.

Program structure

The program is structured in such a way that each participant is working towards their own outcome/goal. The participants learn experientially, by practicing NLP techniques and concepts with each other, participating in discussions etc.

The participants use the tools and techniques taught during the program for self coaching. These tools and techniques can be used in coaching other as well.

Program outcomes (NLP Training in Bangalore, India)

By the end of the program you will be equipped with

  • NLP Building Blocks
  • Various NLP Communication Models
  • NLP Linguistics Models
  • Techniques to reprogram the mind to
    • Resolve inner conflicts
    • Resolve relationship conflicts
    • Communicate more effectively
    • Get instantly out of negative states
    • Get instantly into positive states
    • Modeling/Learning new skills at subconscious levels
    • How to set powerful goals using NLP
    • How to read others like a book
    • Peak performance in sports
    • NLP techniques for handling
      • fears
      • phobias
      • bad memories
      • anxiety
      • stress
    • Waking Hypnosis
    • How to frame the outcomes for yourself and your clients
    • Rapid healing work
    • Setting yourself for success
    • How the Visualizations and Affirmations work and how to use them for your advantage
    • Introduction to Hypnosis
    • NLP Language Models for influence and charisma enhancement
    • Various other techniques from NLP

Certification (NLP Training in Bangalore)

Upon successful completion of the NLP training the student will be issued internationally valid NLP Basic Practitioner Certificate from NFNLP (USA).

If you choose to attend the first two days of the program, you will get NLP Minds Advanced Diploma in NLP certificate.

Program Policies (FREE NLP Training in Bangalore)

  • This is a discounted program.
  • However the training and materials provided are same as the fully priced regular program. The offer is only for few batches in Bangalore. 
  • The participants pay only towards the NLP training material cost, venue charges, Tea/Coffee during the workshop, and other administrative charges.
  • Lunch is not included in the cost of the program. This helps us keep the program cost low.
  • Program can be attended with prior registration only.
  • The participants will get homework after almost every class. The homework is mandatory for certification eligibility.
  • Program fees is not refundable.
  • In case you are not able to attend the program, you can send someone else at your place with prior permission from the organizer.
  • The program timings are 9:00AM-6:00PM. The participant commits to this timing. However depending upon how we pace, we may start early/finish late on some days.



Registration Information

Program dates: July 15,16,21,22,23 2017 [Sat-Sun, Fri-Sat-Sun]

Timings: 9AM-6PM

Venue: HSR Layout


Actual Workshop Investment: 48,800/-

FREE Program Fee : 14,999 /- ONLY

(Read program policies for details)


Or call : +91 9108008584 for more details