Note: We are pleased to offer Professional Coaching services on Limited basis. However before going for coaching we recommend you to explore the training options available with us. The chances are that after acquiring the life transforming tools through our trainings, you may not need coaching at all.

Life coaching in modern times finds its roots in the sports coaching. Have you realized that all top sportsmen work with coaches. Have you considered that maybe they are at the top because they have coaches from the start of their career !!!  This is the importance of a coach. A life coach is same as sports coach but in the context of life. If you want to be more successful in life and want to achieve high goals faster than anyone else and maybe you also want to keep your life and health also in balance in this process then you must work with a life coach.

Suppose we have two children of equal age and both are interested in pursuing sports. First child is way ahead and is already doing great in sports… he works very hard day and night… The second child is at lesser level but not very far behind the first one… but the second child gets the privilege to have a coach… what do you feel after 10 years which child will be ahead in the game??? If your answer is first child then rethink, who has got the edge in long term considering that after a certain level the comfort zone comes into play…. the job of a coach is to push you out of your comfort zone by just and inch each time… and people who breach their comfort zone regularly go far ahead in their lives than their peers…

What is Life Coaching?

The ICF defines coaching as partnering with clients in a thought-provoking and creative process that inspires them to maximize their personal and professional potential and ICF coaches adhere to a form of coaching that honors the client as the expert in his/her life and work, and believes that every client is creative, resourceful and whole.

Life coaching is:

  • Tool to achieve your goals
  • Tool to make your dreams come true

A life coach:

  • Helps you discover answers to your problems
  • Helps you discover your goals
  • Helps you overcome barriers to reaching your goals
  • Keeps you on track towards your goal

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What is Success Coaching?

Everyone has his own definition of success, but people who call themselves success coaches focus on goals — business, academic or career. Life coaching, on the other hand, is a broad category within which success coaching is one focus. While coaches can vary widely in their styles and approaches, the differences between success coaching and life coaching, generally speaking, are few.

What is Wellness Coaching?

It is another form of Life Coaching where the client has wellness goals which involve things like maintaining a healthy lifestyle, focus on exercising regularly and creating Lifestyle changes to achieve Wellness Lifestyle.

What is Relationship Coaching?

Relationship Coaching is another form of Life Coaching where the coach and client work actively to achieve relationship goals of the client. The relationships can mean romantic relationships, family relationships (relationships with kids or parents) or business relationships (with partners and vendors) etc. We focus on marital relationships and relationships with the children.

Who hires a Coach?

The best of the best. The best golfer in the world, Tiger Woods, has a coach.  Michael Jordan, the best basketball player of all time, had a coach. Barack Obama has coaches in his life.  Lance Armstrong,  Oprah Winfrey,  Donald Trump,  Tony Robbins, Bill Gates,  Warren Buffet,  Richard Branson,  Arnold Schwarzenegger.  Sachin Tendulkar has a coach since the time when he had not yet started playing at high levels. Many of the top entertainers, Bollywood/Hollywood celebrities, Leaders, Motivational Speakers hire coaches. Almost all Top CEO’s have coaches and they have to really work hard to get a coach and then keep working with him.

I think it is for the people who have some issue… is it true?

At the end of the day, people who are high achievers—who want to continue to learn and grow and be effective—need coaching. Steve Bennett, former CEO of Intuit

The above quote by a high achiever CEO convincingly answers the question. Life coaching is not for the losers…. it is highly action oriented game. If you are a loser the chances are that you will lose your coach before you realize what has happened. Go for a coach only if you are action oriented, highly motivated and are ready for getting out of your comfort zone

Here is another one by Google CEO Eric Schmidt

So how does it work?

The basic assumption of life coaching is that the client comes to the coach whole and complete. The clients are able to generate their own solutions and achieve their goals. All they need is right set of questions (Remember Socrates?).  A life coach is also called the “Accountability Partner” or the “Motivational friend”. A coach essentially helps you chalk out your Focus goals (small goals which help you achieve your big goal) on periodic basis and works with you to ensure that you achieve those goals.

How does it help me?

Life coaching is a powerful support system to keep you motivated and moving in the right direction.

It helps you look at where you are now relative to where you want to be. It then helps you bridge the gap through series of sessions. Each sessions involves setting goals for the next week as well as review of the goals of the previous week.

Is life coaching for me?

Yes, as long as you are coachable and willing to work hard to achieve your goals. It needs a lot of commitment and hard work from the your side. I will be pushing you every week to reach higher and higher. If you have burning desire to achieve your goals and are willing to commit to put the hard work  required for achieving your dream, the life coaching is for you.

How is it done?

Life coaching is done either face to face or over the phone or Skype. Most common way is to have coaching session over phone or Skype.

How long is a coaching session?

A typical coaching session is approximately 1-hour. Sometime it can be 45 minutes or even longer than 1-hour.

Is it only for individuals?

No. Even though most of the coaching happens for individuals it can be done for groups as well, where the coach works with a whole group.

Why do people hire a life coach?

My clients come to me for:

  • Executive Coaching
  • Performance Coaching
  • Climbing the career ladder fast and also maintain work life balance
  • Achieving wok life balance
  • Improving relationships
  • Improving parenting skills
  • Spiritual progress
  • Business etc.

Who hires a life coach?

A lot of people with wide variety of profiles ranging from housewives to parents, engineers/doctors/lawyers, athletes, business men, managers, HR, executives at CXO level to name a few. Basically anyone who wants to achieve his dreams in accelerated way can hire a coach.

What if I want coaching outside of “Executive and Leadership Coaching”?

Even though Executive and Performance Coaching is our niche, we take coaching assignments on any area of life as long as the client is Coachable and committed to put necessary hard work.

I don’t have one clear goal. Can I avail coaching?

Yes. The coach will help you to chalk out your goal and work with you to achieve them.

How can I avail coaching?

Please send an email to livingwithnlp [at] gmail [dot] com. You will get an email from me and details for your Complementary Coaching Session. This session is FREE of cost. In this session I will coach you on your goals and share the details about my system of coaching.

How long is a typical life coaching commitment is for?

A minimum of 3 months of coaching commitment is required from both parties.

When is the fee to be paid?

After complementary coaching session and before starting the life coaching.

Can I pay after the coaching?

No. This is the first action you have to take to get out of your comfort zone and get into a trust relationship with the coach.

What is the guarantee of the results?

Results are proportionate to your efforts. The more efforts you put the more you achieve.