Whatever we do, we do to inspire and empower people like you, people who are outliers or wanna be outliers. We want to see you succeed, we want to hear your success stories.We feel proud upon seeing you succeed because of us. We love helping you reach your maximum potential. We help your transform yourselves by helping you master your mind. We do this through our trainings, coaching and therapy services.

In case you want to learn new skills to lead optimum life, our Success, Wellness and NLP trainings will help you acquire these skills real fast.

If you want to reach highest potential and want someone to handhold you, our coaching services will be of use for you.

If you are suffering from illnesses or not explainable patterns, our therapy services will be useful for you.

NLP Minds is conducting NLP and Hypnosis trainings since 2015 in Bangalore, Delhi, Mumbai and many other parts of India.

Our participants have reported following results

  • Excelling at their goals
  • Improvement in performance
  • Better understanding of NLP and Conversational Hypnosis
  • More focus in tough situations like competitive exams
  • Ability to handle stress more effectively
  • Ability to instantly get out of the bad states and get into good states
  • More peace of mind
  • Increased levels of happiness
  • Better health and well being

Why us?

We are passionate about transforming your lives. We are trained in Therapy, Coaching and NLP. Thus we have tools and techniques to deal with anything that may come up while you are working with us. Which means you are in safest hands possible and we can do deep level work.

We use Accelerated Learning techniques in our Workshops, which means you retain more in less time.

By getting trained & coached with us you will experience following:

  • Good understanding of NLP and Hypnosis
  • Experiential Learning: You learn by doing
  • High content coverage
  • Ability to manifest more of what you want
  • Clarity in life

Why should you learn NLP ?

There are many reasons people learn NLP for.

Many people need to get out of the emotional rut they are in.

Others want to learn the tools and techniques to offer to manage their states.

And then there are healers, therapists, trainers, counselors, coaches etc who want to learn NLP to use in their respective vocations and change lives.