Day 7 of Online NLP Training + Hindi Batch

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We completed 7 days of Online NLP Training. We are also starting our first Hindi batch of NLP from June 4.

Day 7 – we finished 50% of NLP Presuppositions – a set of powerful belief statements modeled after the great change workers. The NLP Presuppositions greatly alter the outcome when you hold these true during your change work.

This has now set the participants to be on the path of becoming strong NLP Coaches. Looking at the attitude of participants, I surely believe that most of them have the potential of becoming amazing NLP Coaches and Trainers.

None of them is from Therapy background this time, however we don’t know when any of them decides to venture into Therapy in future as well.

Others will use this in their respective professions to achieve better performance.

Whatever it is, I am sure the Online NLP Training is going to give each of them a great base for whatever future holds for them.