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“By far the best investment you can make is in yourself.” ~Warren Buffett

We value Empowerment, Transformation and Deep Connection. We believe that one can easily and effortlessly transform themselves and others while having FUN.

Happiness and Emotional Freedom is the goal we continuously seek for ourselves and our clients.  We are here to create a dent in universal consciousness by creating wonderful change workers.

We train coaches, trainers, and therapists through our Internationally recognized NLP Trainings. We love rapid transformation.

Learn from Naresh Kumar, a Published Author and Master Trainer of NLP

  • Four Levels of Internationally accredited NLP Trainings
  • Internationally valid certificate from NFNLP USA
  • No geographic boundaries to conduct training/coaching
  • Cost effective – that means low break even
  • Online batches

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Your NLP journey with us starts with NLP Practitioner course. The second level is NLP Master Practitioner. For those who want to become great trainers/facilitators the third level is NLP Train The Trainer course.

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It was a chance conversation with Mr. Naresh Kumar that brought me into contact with the wonderful world of NLP. His vision on its efficacy and usage convinced me that it was something I should undertake as first an experience and then a certification. The sessions conducted by him for the NLP Basic Practitioner course were nothing short of brilliance personified.

His command over the subject and practical style made it easy for me to grasp the concepts which seemed difficult when I glanced through the material provided. His warm and reassuring words always guiding me in the search for excellence of the concepts to be practiced were like a soothing touch while trying to grasp difficult concepts. I cannot but look back on the sessions and say that I have emerged a better person thanks in part to NLP methodology of course but also in major part to the vision and guidance of Mr. Naresh Kumar.

I am deeply indebted to him for introducing and training me on this wonderful technique and would recommend him as one whom any person interested in NLP should be trained by. I would love to do a Master Practitioner when the time arises with him so that I can learn more from this knowledgeable and wonderful man.

~Asad Chaturvedi  (Author, The Leadership Conundrum, Coach and Trainer). Participant of NLP Practitioner, Master Practitioner and NLP Coach Programs

I have personally experienced the change in state of my mind from the framing exercise where from a state of negativity, I immediately moved to a state of positivity as this exercise brought a lot of clarity to my mind. The NLP techniques I learnt in the two-day workshop are immensely beneficial in all walks of life. Subconscious mind dictates our life. I was knowing this as a fact. After the workshop , I have learnt to program my mind, and various other techniques which will help me in dealing with various people from all walks of life & in achieving my goals. Naresh is very calm and patient which are pre-requisites for a NLP Practitioner. He listens to you with empathy & compassion, and helps you by challenging & by supporting your goals.

~Sanjay Sindhia, Chess Coach Bangalore

Naresh is an highly effective, skillful and proficient NLP Master Practitioner & Trainer who has his basic fundamentals very well sorted out and clear. It is particularly his this capability that reflects in his coaching sessions. His style is simple and straight forward and his approach is very results oriented. He has the promise and potential to be amongst the best in the business. I wish him all the best.

~Anil Saighal

What I gained in my experience as a student of NLP Wellness Training with Naresh was beyond anything I expected. I was pleasantly surprised by how I was able to learn and uncover about myself through the Wellness coaching process. I was exceptionally impressed with the individualized and customized experience with Naresh. The training helped rekindle, realign and re-cement my inspiration to help others by elevating their Wellness.

~Deep Kamal Arora, Software Professional