Day 5 of Online NLP Training in India

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5 days have passed since our first Online NLP Training batch started. There have been tremendous learnings from these 5 days.

The batch is going faster than the classroom batches, as the participants are fresh everyday.

The batch is learning more, thanks to more experiential learning.

We are able to cover more practical exercises.

People are getting more time to bond with each other. The bonding is great. Today when I delved into the participant virtual rooms, most of them were having fun and leg pulling was going on. The participants have come to trust each other very fast and are going along with the techniques without any hitch.

We have to fine tune some of the classroom setting exercises to the online training format. NLP is all about flexibility.

Anyway most of you sessions post Online NLP Training are going to be online or over the phone. The participants who learn in classroom setting may initially struggle with adapting the techniques to phone/skype/zoom meetings.

However reverse is not the case. The techniques that you learn online can be easily re-targetted to offline setting.  There are some anchoring related stuff which we have strategized to do it in online format.

Tomorrow is rest day for the participants.

Once they come back we are going to take their NLP skills to entirely different level. If you are still interested you can still hop onto the Online NLP Practitioner by calling us at +91-9108008584. There are no discounts for the late joiners. However we can give you the same offer at which the course was offered to the participants.