How to get started in the field of Life Coaching?

How to start part-time/full-time Life Coaching Practice in most economic way?

Learn the most optimum route to become a Professional Life Coach.

The fact that you are here and reading this page, means that you are interested in knowing what is a Professional Life Coach, What does (s)he do and perhaps how you can become one.

We have compiled all this information in a short e-book called “How to Become a Professional Coach”.

This e-book is offered for FREE.

This book answers following questions:

  • What is Life Coaching and how did it start
  • How does Life Coaching Work
  • Who hires life coaches and why
  • Why do people like you consider becoming a life coach
  • What are some of the qualities of a Professional Life Coach
    • And how can you become a Life Coach
  • Do you need accreditations?
    • When to go for them
    • When NOT to go for them
  • What  are some of Professional Coaching services
  • Some of the myths of coaching business
  • Tools in Coach’s toolbox
  • How do we offer most economic and least risk route to become a life coach (based upon our learnings over the years)



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The profession of coaching is the second highest growing profession after IT. In the face of current market and social setup, everyone wants to achieve more in less time. Working with a coach can help people reach their goals much faster.

As a result there is huge demand of Professional Coaches with Individuals and Corporates.

And you can be a part of this industry which is currently worth of billions of dollars and still growing at healthy pace.

Being a coach is a fulfilling career, where you can prosper by helping people reach their goals. Many coaches have built six or seven figure income coaching businesses. If you have patience and perseverance, you can be one of them too. The accomplishments vary from individual to individual.

At the same time there are many coaches who are part-time coaches. i.e. they supplement their regular jobs with part time income from coaching and slowly smoothen the transition.

You can also become a full-time/part-time Life Coach using our flagship program named “Certified Professional Life Coach training”. Click here to go to the program page.