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Mind Coaching, Hypnosis and NLP for Peak Performance in SportsUse of Hypnosis and NLP for Peak Performance in Sports

Use of Hypnosis and NLP in sports in no longer a secret. It has been known that mind plays more than, or at least the same role in the outcome of any sports event as the physical and technical training. Hence Mind Coaching is as important as coaching on Physical and Technical aspects of your sport.

We have seen many cases where the sportspersons play invincibly like a Greek Gods during the practice phase. However, when they go into the actual competition they seem to be like an average soldier pitted against a ruthless Samurai. 

Have you ever seen many top sports persons getting into patterns? For example a cricketer may score aggressively till 90, and then slog endlessly for next 10 runs. Why does this happen?

And then there are many sportspersons who always play at their peak regardless of the environment. They seem to be like invincible warrior who can charge at the moment’s notice and come back with victory.How is it possible?

And the answer lies in the programming of mind.

Any game in sports is as much the test of the player’s mind as it is of his physical and technical training.

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Many topmost sports persons are using the Hypnosis/NLP to reprogram their minds. This reprogramming has following effects:

  • Breaking the existing patterns by going to the root causes
  • Reprogramming the mind to behave differently in challenging situations where pattern would otherwise have shown
  • Staying calm, relaxed and yet focused in highly stressful situations
  • Getting instantly out of non-resourceful states
  • Getting instantly into resourceful states

Hence Hypnosis/NLP give you a definite edge over your competitors. Not using these techniques, puts you in huge risk situation as your opponent might be using these to gain edge over you.

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