[Video] How to cure bad memories and anxiety with NLP

Bad memories/Anxiety are not new to us.  All of us have some instances from the past which haunt us.

Sometimes these memories or events haunt people very badly. Some people lose sleep and appetite as well. These memories might trigger stress, depression etc.

They affect our performance in normal life and hence affect our future prospects.

Hence it is of utmost importance to let go of these memories.

Here is a technique from NLP which renders bad memories / events causing anxiety ineffective.

For simplicity sake, I am calling it Elevator Technique. The technical name is Progressive Dissociation technique.

This video is for educational purpose only and not a replacement for therapy. 

Caution: In case you want to try this technique, do not attempt it if you are afraid of elevators/heights. And do not use this technique while you are driving or operating machinery. Better to listen to the instructions once before attempting the technique. Go ahead with technique only if you are comfortable with the steps. 





Five techniques for stress management for 2016

Stress is given the status of epidemic by WHO.  This shows the extent to which the stress is pervasive in our society today. This article highlights five techniques for stress management.

Although there are countless activities known to relieve stress, we have selected five of them that require essentially no preparation and can be done right away.

Here we go…..

5 techniques for stress management

Activity 1: Fourfold Breathing

The first activity is a breathing practice known as fourfold breathing. This derives its name from the four places where you hold/release you breath for the count of four. Read more