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The only way to make sense out of change is to plunge into it, move with it, and join the dance.

~Allan Watts

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In eastern  philosophy we have an important fundamental rule – “Everything is transforming”. Everything encompasses everything around us as well as inside us. Outside – we have environment, buildings, other living beings, non-living things and our relationships to all of them. They are all aging and transforming with time. Inside – we have got thoughts, feelings etc. They are also in constant flux and changing every instant. That is the reason, something/someone which used to give us happiness 10 years back, may no longer be desirable in our lives or the feeling it used to invoke might have lost the intensity. Similarly someone/something which we never could imagine to be part of our lives, may have become inseparable during this course of time.

Change is unavoidable truth of our lives.

All of us are contributing to change in this world (in small/big ways) as well as getting affected by the changes around us.

Sometimes it is anticipated, other times it arrives as a surprise/shock.

Sometimes it makes us, other time it breaks us.

Sometimes we make it happen, other time it happens to us.

Sometimes we long for it, other times we feel great difficulty in handling it.

Sometimes we change something, other times something changes us.


Entire life we are changing:

we are born,

we grow up,

we grow old,

and then we are no more……

During this period a lot of big/small events (changes) happen in our lives… which give a story to our lives and make them unique.

If change is so much a part of our lives, and all of us are going through a change every single instant then:

Why do we find it so hard to deal with many changes in our lives?

Why do we get stuck in our comfort zones or become victims of our habits.

Why do we not want to be the owner of our lives and change them for better?

If we have to change anyway, why can’t we do it for good and consciously?



How can we change for good?

How can we become free of the fear of change?

How can we be conscious creators of the good change in our lives?

How can we effect good change in and around us?


Any thoughts to any of above questions? Please share your experiences in the comments….