[Video] NLP Demo: Changing Personal History – Coaching session with Naresh Kumar

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You might have heard the advise that we should live in the present. For example, “past is gone, future is yet to come and present is present… ” or something similar.

However no one tells us how.

Maximum, we hear the advise that you should meditate and be focused on the activity at hand.

And then you say, I don’t like my current activity at hand. I don’t know why I am doing this.

Some people keep on bumping into same sort of abusive partners… can they be in present? How can they get out of this rut? Is meditation the answer? Can they focus on their relationship and generate better results?

You would agree, it is not possible. These are patterns which are coming from past.

Unless you resolve the past, it is going to haunt you back in present, which will be past in no time. And this is likely to repeat in future, as all the moments which are now in past were in future sometime.

How do you resolve the past?

There are many techniques in NLP to take care of this. For example techniques to get rid of bad memories, reparenting, memory re-imprinting etc.

Below is a coaching session of a technique to rewrite your past memories. This has got amazing results in resolving past traumas, getting rid of past baggage. When the past is resolved the patterns associated with past are also resolved. You become more present in the present and can focus better.

Key thing to notice is that it is content free. i.e. the client doesn’t have to reveal what is that disturbing memory. Most of NLP techniques are content free.  That means if you can undergo the technique with anyone, even if you are not comfortable with revealing the content.

The other thing you can notice is how fast it is. In very short time (less than 6 minutes) the memory coming from several years has been rewritten in this session. We tested the result days after the session was conducted and the new memory is still intact. The change seems to be permanent.

You can also learn this and several other (and more powerful) techniques in our NLP Trainings.

Without further ado, click on the link below to watch the video demo. And don’t forget to check our training offerings, to learn such wonderful techniques. We do conduct NLP Trainings in Bangalore, Delhi and other parts of India.