[Video] NLP Coaching Session: Changing Behaviors – NLP Training in Bangalore

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Sometimes you might wonder, how to change a particular behavior. And children, as cute and as lovely they are, can put us into weird states at times. You tell them to clean up, and they will create more mess or won’t listen at all, leading you to feel irritated.

This is true for many other situations also, e.g you are stopped at the signal and the car next to you has an extremely loud speaker, or you feel irritated at the drivers honking on the road, the careless attitude of the waiter etc.

In all these situations, the stimulus is outside you. You cannot control the stimulus, however you can control your response by changing how you behave internally. You can choose to reprogram yourself to not feel irritated or agitated by others. This is achieved through behavior change/transfer in NLP.

Watch this behavior change (a.k.a Behavior Transfer) demo below.

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