Wellness Coach Certification 2016

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Wellness Industry is growing in leaps and bounds and so is the demand of Wellness Coaches. If you are a life coach, adding Wellness Coaching to your niche can be value add to attract high paying clients.

What is Wellness Coaching?

Wellness Coaching is a relatively new field in Life Coaching. It started around 2005.  However Wellness Industry is around for decades.

Wellness Coaching is the application of professional coaching principles to help a client achieve his Wellness goals.

New question might be what is wellness? 

When we talk about wellness, the first thing that comes to our minds is Health and Health Issues. Health is a big part of Wellness, but not the only part of Wellness. 

Wellness means a person’s holistic life and takes following areas into consideration: Physical, Emotional, Occupational, Social, Intellectual and Spiritual.

Wellness Coaching means helping client restore the balance in above mentioned areas.

You would have tried making changes in your lives. Some of you would have succeeded and other failed. However regardless of your success or failure you know how hard is it to change things and old habits.

Wellness Coaching aims to change not 1 or 2 things but drastic changes in whole lifestyle. It is a daunting task for most of people. And they need professional help. This is where a Wellness Coach comes into picture.

Next question: Can’t a life coach, coach someone in Wellness? A per Life Coaching principle, one doesn’t need the field knowledge in order to coach someone regardless of the field he/she is working in.

I almost agree with above statement and there is no conflict with Life Coaching Principles. The issue is not whether a life coach can coach a Wellness Coaching client but how can he do a great job at it.

Wellness field is filled with many models and Assessments. A Wellness Coach can help his client benefit more by bringing this knowledge to the coaching session and enabling a client make objective decisions w.r.t his wellness.

Who can be a Wellness Coach?

Most of Wellness Coaches are from healthcare field. But this is because the people who started Wellness Industry (Halber Dunn, John Travis, Don Ardell) and later contributed largely to Wellness Coaching (e.g. Michael Arloski) are from healthcare background.

In principle, if you are passionate about your own wellness, then you can thrive as a Wellness Coach.

How to start?

You can enroll for a professional Wellness Coach certification Program like the one offered by us. Or you can go through host of literature on Wellness/Wellness Coaching and find out what will work for you and your clients.