Why should I learn NLP? (NLP Training in Bangalore)

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Why should I learn NLP, Best NLP Training in Bangalore

If you have reached this page then you have been probably searching for NLP Training in Bangalore, or why should you learn NLP, or benefits of learning NLP etc. In this post I would like to briefly highlight how and why I learned NLP and what were the benefits I reaped from my NLP Training. At present, I do conduct discounted NLP Trainings in Bangalore. So here we go…

Life is a journey from ignorance to awareness… a journey that all of us are going through, by choice or compulsion. Sometimes with joy and glitter in our eyes and other times with gloominess and tears in these eyes.

And all the good, bad and ugly experiences are for one thing – Learning.

Learning, in my view, is one of the laws of the nature.. All living beings are perpetually in learning mode.

The more we learn the better we become. This is the belief that I have held throughout my life and it has served me well.

About 1.5 years back this very belief landed me in an NLP program, and the life hasn’t been the same till now.  My near and dear ones can vouch for the transformation they have seen in my attitude, behavior and optimism.

What is the difference between transformation and change? A change can be reversed, but transformation cannot be. Transformation is permanent.

This is what summarizes one of the aspects of NLP.  NLP doesn’t bring change, it has the potential to transform oneself

Now why should you learn NLP? With this question my mind rushes back to my own experience. Maybe you can find something useful there for yourself.

I came across NLP term a long long time ago. But all the promises by NLP programs were too high to believe. And I had always been skeptic of the programs which make high promises. Besides the costs of those NLP trainings were also very high for me at that time. And there were only very few NLP trainings in Bangalore at that time. So I dismissed it due to my skepticism and because I didn’t want to risk my money.

Years went by and in 2014 I decided to go into life coaching.  I enrolled for an ICF Accredited program to learn Life Coaching. In the program there was a topic on “Coaching for Emotional Intelligence”. I was always curious about what is Emotional Intelligence. Earlier I had tried to read about it but couldn’t find the topic engaging.

So I asked the instructor about how to learn more about Emotional Intelligence. And the instructor casually recommended me to read on internet, book or to attend NLP program. And I am glad that I listened to her advise.

I attended one NLP Practitioner Training in Bangalore. This started a chain reaction of new learning. I had never imagined so much is possible for the human brain to achieve and in such simple way.

The techniques of NLP were shortest, simplest and fastest I had ever known. I got hooked to NLP. I had joined the NLP practitioner program to experience what is NLP, but I had underestimated its power.

By the year end, I ended up doing NLP Master Practitioner, NLP Trainer, Ericksonian Hypnosis and several other programs derived from NLP.  I ended up reading dozens of books, blogs and articles about NLP.

To summarize, below are some of the benefits I got:

  • Simple, fast and yet very effective techniques which I could use on myself without anyone’s aid
  • No need of external therapist/coach/counselor for using the techniques
  • Improved peace of mind – thanks of clearing of several negative mental blocks and bad memories
  • Being more present – due to be able to immediately able jump out of negative states to positive states
  • More efficient and effective coaching sessions with my clients – thanks to developing high sensory acuity and awareness of linguistic skills
  • Better goal setting and action items – due to NLP well-formed outcome model and anchors
  • Manage change with less effort – Thanks to Neurological levels of change model
  • Model excellence – NLP is all about modeling
  • Being able to tell when someone is trying to manipulate me
  • Be rational when someone is trying hard to sell me – Thanks to knowledge of Milton and Meta models
  • Interact more efficiently and effectively – thanks to the understanding of the Rapport building and NLP communication model
  • Stopping some of the repeated patterns in life – Time Line Therapy
  • Being a better parent, husband and human being than I was

Now above are my own learnings. They do not imply that everyone can get benefitted in same manner. From the day 1 of joining NLP Training in Bangalore, I had set my intention to make the best out of it. It did take a lot of determination and kept refining my techniques over the time (even though the techniques are simple, the more you practice the better you become).

Now NLP is one of the way, but not the only way. If you are a kind of person who wants exceptional results faster then NLP is the way.

However if you think that the change has to take its own time and course, then NLP isn’t right for you.

With NLP change happens in minutes. This is not digestible to many people. A person who has lived with Dog phobia for 35 years finds it hard to believe that the phobia is gone within minutes.

NLP is for people who are self-driven and motivated, or at least aspire to be. People who are invested in self-development.

NLP is for the people who dare to be themselves.  People who want to model excellence.

Having said that, my NLP journey so far has been fruitful from day 1. Within two days of training, I felt that I had got my money back.

Jack Canfield recommends NLP in his book Success Principles.

Tony Robbins attributes his success to NLP.

Oprah Winfrey and Tiger Woods have use NLP to be excellent in their careers.

The ball is in your court now.

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