Online NLP Practitioner Scheduled – Some of My Thoughts

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While we are not sure about whether Lockdown in India is going to end on May 17 or not, the Covid-19 is not going to end soon.

Though the life has come to an halt throughout the most of the world, the learning should continue.

We have been conducting small workshops and Coaching sessions online, all the while waiting for the lockdown to end, so that we are able to schedule the classroom workshops.

However, in the wake of recent happenings of mass scale migrations, the flaunting of social distancing norms in front of liquor shops etc., we are of the opinion that it is probably best to avoid classroom sessions for a while – at least till there is a vaccine and everyone gets a shot.

Hence, we have decided to conduct NLP Practitioner Online. This was on my mind for a long time. However things could not materialize due to my schedule.

In the past I have conducted EFT and Certified Life Coach workshops online, and they were well-received. These were conducted in small chunks over a period of time. The feedback had been great.

However I was bit apprehensive about conducting a long workshop like NLP online (I somehow wanted to conduct it in 5 days), will do to the participants’ well-being due to mental fatigue. Also, some of my participants are not tech-savvy.

However, the situation has changed now and even children are attending their schools online.

Life is calling… We have got to move on.

So, I have struck a formula which I feel will take care of the mental fatigue and give participants a wonderful NLP workshop. We will conduct the workshop in small chunks of 5-5-4 days with two rest days after every 5 days. Each class will be delivered in small chunks of 3 hours.

We will have time and provision to practice what is taught in the workshop itself – thanks to the technology, most of software has breakout rooms today. This will give the participants practical knowledge fo the techniques taught and the opportunity to bond with each other. We all love to bond with our participants and we like some no-instructor time, isn’t it?

Also, we will have a break in the middle of the session – much like intermission of a 3 hour Bollywood movie. During the break the participants can move around or stay connected and chat with each other etc.

Also, during workshops typical hitch happens during the first day, when participants are new to each other. However, something magical happens the next day and participants open up more …The the third day is typically a riot. The reason, the first day is usually most tense for many participants, is that the mental guards are on.

As the number of days progress, the mental guard goes progressively down and participants are more and more relaxed, and  the mind has a nice refreshing experience with every new day. The second day onwards the mind is typically relaxed and the experience is enjoyable.

The only problem is that with 8-9 hour workshop format, such change happens after the end of the first day i.e. after 9 hours.

However, in the online format that we have planned, this psychological change will likely happen after just 3 hours. You can imagine what 15 such days will do to your mental well-being :).

I am very excited to have this opportunity and this is going to be a Great experience for everyone.

Are you also equally excited?

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