15 things you must do to be Happy in Life

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The great Western disease is, ‘I’ll be happy when… When I get the money. When I get a BMW. When I get this job.’ Well, the reality is, you never get to when. The only way to find happiness is to understand that happiness is not out there. It’s in here. And happiness is not next week. It’s now.

Marshall Goldsmith

Dream: Have big dreams… something meaningful to you, which you want to achieve in your life.

Focus: Don’t lose sight of your dreams. Strengthen your dreams on daily basis by adding more and more details to it.

Set goals for yourself : Set long term , medium term and short term goals. Make sure your short term goals align with medium term goals. Similarly medium term goals should align with the long term goals. Then start working on the short term goals. Make them in sync with your dreams.

15 things to do to be happy in life

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Key task: Everyday make a list of three most important tasks you want to do. One of them should be a key task – which will take you closer to your goal. Make sure you finish the key task as early in the day as possible. Target to finish off these three tasks in the first half of the day.

Just do it: Stop procrastinating. Don’t delay things. One way to get anything done is to stop thinking and start doing.


[tweetthis twitter_handles=”@CoachNaresh”]It is your attitude not your aptitude that determines your altitude.~Zig Ziglar[/tweetthis]

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Good Company:  Don’t be alone on this quest. Take help from your family, friends. Find new people  on social media who can help you in anyway with your goals. Be in touch with them.

Maintain a Gratitude Journal : Write it before you sleep in the night or in the morning. Thank 5 people who have made your day (or previous day if you are writing in morning) great. Thank 5 people who are making your life meaningful. Write few sentences about what they did or are doing to make your life meaningful.

In daily life we must see that it is not happiness that makes us grateful, but gratefulness that makes us happy.

Don’t hold grudges : Life is too short to hold grudges… Forgive and forget people. Acceptance is the most important skill in life to learn.

Forgive yourself: Forgive yourself for the mistakes you have made. Mistakes are the way we learn and grow. Don’t criticize yourself. Take the lesson from your mistakes and move on. You may also want to read this post on self-sabotage

Create urgency to do new things:

We become better, when we learn new things.

We learn new things, when we do things out of our comfort zone.

We do things out of our comfort zone, when we have an urgency to do that.

We have urgency, when we put ourselves into a situation, from where we can’t go back to initial state .

Smile! Genuinely do it. It’ll brighten your day and also the day of many random people you could meet on the street.

Send positive thoughts through small things: Wishing everyone a good morning/afternoon/evening would make you definitely more like able by everyone around you.

Sleep: I can’t emphasis how important it can be to get those precious 8 hours of rest. Read this post on the importance of maintaining yourself.

Improve your soft skills: Soft skills are more important than the technical skills in life.  As you progress in life and your career your soft skills become more and more important.

The better your soft skills the more growth you have in life. Even if you decide to be technical person throughout your life, soft skills will help you to better put your technical thoughts in front of others to convince them of your ideas.

I would encourage you to learn NLP which helps tremendously in improving your soft skills.

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These are 15 things you must do to be happy in life…

And one last thing:

Be yourself.

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