NLP Techniques – NLP Visual Squash – For Resolving Internal Conflicts (Best NLP Training in India)

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In this post we are going to look at a technique called Visual Squash which is used for resolving internal conflicts.

Why Visual Squash?

We all have internal conflicts. These conflicts stop us from doing a lot of things and enjoying life. For example they stop us from taking many important steps in professional and personal lives. A person may want to go to gym and at the same time there could be a procrastinating part which would come up with excuses for not going to gym. One part may say, “I should take care of my health, I should go to gym…” and other part may say, “I am too busy in office work. Will start next week”…etc. This is just one example of internal conflict. Internal conflicts can be of many types.

We need to resolve these internal conflicts to enjoy the life the way we want it.

What is Visual Squash?

Visual Squash is a simple and yet highly effective NLP technique to resolve internal conflicts.

Why the name Visual Squash:

Two reasons: (1) It is a visual techniques and involves visualization. (2) And it involves mixing (squashing) the conflicting parts.


  1. Extend both of your hands in front of you with palms facing upwards.
  2. Make image of two conflicting parts. Place them on each of your hands. Notice how each part looks and notice their weights. Notice the color of their hair, appearance etc… do it till the images are clear in your head.
  3. Now ask each part in turn – what positive intention does it have for you? For example the positive intention of one part could be – to make more money, while the other part may want to see you healthy.. Continue asking each part in turn till you find some common intention that both of these parts have for you. For example after a while each part may tell you that they want to see you happy. So “seeing you happy” is the common intention of both parts.
  4. Now slowly and slowly bring both of your hands together and let both palms them touch each other. Imagine both the images mixing with each other and creating a third image without losing their identities.
  5. When you are ready, bring your hands close to your chest and absorb both the images inside you.

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