Day 3 of Online NLP Practitioner

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Day 3 of Online NLP Practitioner went really great.

As I had expected in this post, with every day the participants are opening up.

The participants did three exercises and had a really great time.

In one exercise, the had so much fun that they wanted extra time for it.

The participants are reluctant to take breaks.

I forgot to give them break in first session. In the second I gave extra time so that they can have break.

In the third session, they still did not want any break. I have been prodding them if we should reduce 3 hours daily to 2 hours etc. They seem to be enjoying and not going to go anything below 3 hours.

With the Covid-19 giving us new way of living – Online is the way to go.

It seems some vaccination candidates are on the way. One by Moderna has got positive results in human trials.

Still I would give more emphasis to online trainings. This way we can reach more people across the globe and take India forward in the field of NLP.

Already we have some good trainers in India who have reached the International Trainer mark. This worldwide lockdown will give opportunity to more trainers in India to reach the International audience.  And if you are ready to become an International NLP Trainer – we are here to help you.

Let us all do it together. Looking forward to a bigger batches going forward.