E-book: Stop Living Life Like a Victim

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This time there is no single post, but an entire 31 page e-book for you to download and enjoy at your leisure.

The name of the e-book is “Stop Living Life Like a Victim”.

Many of us unconsciously live our lives in misery. This can be due to past happenings or some other (mental) limitations created by us for survival.




One of our teachers who had studied psychology told us about “winning hero versus suffering hero” paradigm in everyone’s life. As per her all of us want to be heroes in our lives. There are two types of heroes we live as – winning heroes and suffering heroes. For example, there are people who are high headed and think anything is possible for them. They must win every battle whether small or large. They derive their sense of heroism from winning. They live in future. Hence they are winning heroes.

On the other hand there are people who derive their sense of heroism from the sufferings of past. “You know how hard was my childhood”, “I used to walk 10 miles without shoes to go to the school” , “I am a hard worker and no one appreciates me”, “My wife doesn’t appreciate me, I am on my own, it is my own battle”. These are some of the thoughts of suffering or victim hero.

As per this theory all of use have some percentage of both heroes in us. One of them is normally dominant.

It is my strong belief that the more the character of winning hero in someone the higher are his achievements. A person wallowing in self-pity cannot achieve significantly more than what is needed for survival.

This book contains advice on how to live on the winning side of the bar. Regardless, you consider yourself the winning/suffering hero, I encourage you to read this book and identify the negative patterns inside you and work on to replace them with positive patterns.

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