NLP Swish Pattern (NLP Minds NLP Training)

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What is NLP SWISH Pattern?

The NLP Swish pattern is useful technique for behavior change and getting rid of bad habits like nail biting. This is an effective submodality change exercise. The purpose of the technique is to replace the image(s) associated with a behavior that you want to change and replace it with something that is more desirable.

Why this interesting name? (NLP SWISH Pattern)

SWISH for this name comes from the SWISH sound that we make while doing this technique. This is the same sound that a deflating balloon or puncturing tyre makes.


  1. Think about the behavior that you want to get rid of. Notice the images coming to your head. Now keep this image aside. This is your cue
  2. Think about the trigger for this behavior. For example, a person might be sitting lonely, get bored and start biting his nails. In this example sitting lonely and getting bored is a trigger.
  3. Think how would you be like without this behavior. Notice the image that comes to your mind. Make this image brighter, more colorful and big.
    1. Now dissociate from this image if you have got associated into it.
    2. Shrink it into the size of a dot. And as it shrinks into a dot, drain all the colors of this image. So that now you have a grey dot.
  4. Now place this grey dot at the bottom left corner of the cue image (step1)
    1. This is your setup.
  5. Mentally count from 1…2…3 and say trigger and when you say trigger think about the trigger. And immediately make the sound of SWIIIIIIIISH or WOOOOOOOSH. As you make the sound imagine the colored cue image shrinking and turning grey, and at the same time imagine the grey dot at the bottom left corner expanding and turning into a fully colored, bright and big image.
  6. Repeat the step 5 two to three times.
  7. Break state: shift your body or distract yourself in some other way.
  8. Test: Think about the trigger and notice how the image and behavior has changed.

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