LivingWithNLP to NLPMinds

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Finally, we have got a shorter url. Since the day one I wanted to brand our business to something which is shorter and funkier. So now all the migration is complete and livingwithnlp is now

We all loved LivingWithNLP as name. It signified a process. A process of living using powerful tools of NLP. Our clients have reported again and again, that NLP has changed their view about life and thus they way they are living their life. They loved NLP so much they were practically “Living With NLP”.

So why NLP Minds?

NLP Minds, NLP Training in Bangalore, NLP Training in India

Here are few reasons:

Shorter: I am always fan of shorter names. NLP Minds is shorter than LivingWithNLP. Personally I would have preferred something like NLP (dot) com or Minds (dot) com. But shorter names are either not available or they are listed as premium domains. I believe that domain name is important. However I am of the opinion that it doesn’t make any sense to spend big bucks until the business has grown to an extent where the amount we are spending on domain names is minuscule compared to overall income.

Funkier: LivingWithNLP is cool brand. NLP Minds is even cooler.

NLP Minds, NLP Training in Bangalore, NLP Training in India

Change in Message: We have been growing along with our customers. Earlier we used to spend a lot of time discussing about “How To” stuff. For example, “How to do such and such process in more effective way”. Or “How to use linguistic patterns in real world” etc. In our latest trainings we are spending  a lot of time talking about Mind stuff along with NLP. Also we have included a lot of non-NLP trainings as well to our training list. For example Certified Wellness Coach and Certified Life Coach certifications. These cannot be classified under NLP. So for a while we were searching for a cooler name.

So will this name change going forward?

Yes definitely :) . As our consciousness levels grow, we will change the name to reflect whatever higher we have to offer.

Does this hamper our SEO ratings?

It definitely does. Living With NLP was continuously coming to first or second page in google search for quite a some time. However for me what we can offer to the world is more important than the SEO ratings. It is like a snake shedding its old skin  [CAUTION: Do not click on previous link if you have snake phobia. You may be able to do this after you attend our practitioner program].  Every living being does shed its old skin as it becomes useless and fresh skin emerges underneath. This is Life. For example our dressing sense changes as we grow. A mature person dresses differently than a teenager, isn’t it.  Clinging to old names for the sake of SEO ratings is like not letting go of old clothing, just because it is shinier and people like it.