NLP Techniques – NLP Fast Phobia Cure

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NLP Fast Phobia Cure technique, NLP Training in Bangalore

What is Fast Phobia Cure?

Fast Phobia Cure is submodality based exercise. We all store our bad memories or phobias as images or movies in our head. Initially things happen which you don’t like. Then you start thinking about why it happened with you. You also may start blaming the other party or yourself for what happened. This puts you in bad state each time. You think about that event so much that eventually brain learns the pattern to keep replaying this memory again and again.

How it works?

When you do fast phobia cure, the technique changes the submodality of the above exercise in number of ways. And you do it few times in unpredictable ways. The brain’s pattern is broken and the brain has no other option than to put this memory in the past. It is like a scratched away CD which it cannot play anymore.


Note: This technique is difficult to do by just reading. And also it is best done with closed eyes. There are a number of steps and consciously doing this may not work. So the best is to ask a partner to read these steps out for you. Or you can record these steps and then play the record to your self.

  1. Think about a bad memory. What happens when you think of this memory. Make a mental picture. The mental picture starts at a point when you are doing something else i.e. you are safe and then the memory comes… this memory goes on for few minutes or several minutes and maybe hours… eventually you stop thinki about it and again become normal. This again becoming normal is your last scene. Make a short movie out of it.
  2. Imagine you are sitting in a middle row of a movie hall. In front of you is a screen which is far away from your position. In a moment the movie of your experience is going to play on this screen, but not yet.
  3. Behind you is a projector, with all the controls.
  4. Leave your body in the middle row and mentally float out of your seat and going to the projector booth. From the projector booth watch the empty screen and yourself sitting in the middle row watching the screen.
  5. From the projector booth, run this movie in fast forward mode in black and white and freeze it at the last scene.
  6. Now float out of the projector booth and enter your body.
  7. Float out of your body and go to the last scene which is frozen in black and white.
  8. Reverse this movie in color from end to start in 2-3 seconds.
  9. Float back to your seat in the middle row.
  10. Repeat step 4-9 3-4 times.
  11. Break state
  12. Test