Lessons from an inspirational speech on Leadership by Dr. Abdul Kalam

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Ever wonder what are the characteristics of leaders? How do the leaders behave when mistakes happen from their sub-ordinates?

Here is a small clip where Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam recites an incident when he blew off crores of Rupees in Bay of Bengal in 1979.  If you are in leadership position or are aspiring to be a leader or maybe consider yourself a leader, then watch this clip and answer yourself – “Am I there yet? If not, then what changes in my character I need to bring in?”.

During my years of experience, I have worked for many managers and most of them considered themselves as Leaders.  One of them never addressed himself as a manager – he would refer himself as “Leader”. But little did these managers realize, that by merely calling themselves as leaders or thinking that they are leaders – won’t make them LEADERS.

Leadership in one’s character, and the real test of character is during the negative situations.

Doesn’t matter how good you dress up, or how good you are at communication skills – But how do you treat your sub-ordinates, whose lives you influence due to your position in organization (I am talking in organizational perspective, though leadership doesn’t necessarily need any influential position in an organization).

One thing you have to realize is – if you have climbed the leadership ladder very fast, then don’t think you have achieved this because you are a great leader. It can just be due to being at right place at right time – LUCK.  Real leadership will come into play how well you take care of your sub-ordinates, who are giving their sweat and blood to your and the organization’s success.



Please share your experiences with good/bad/”i-think-i-am-a-leader” type Leaders and any insights you get about yourself after watching this clip.