NLP Spinning Feelings Technique

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NLP Spinning The Feeling Technique is a simple and yet powerful technique to get rid of any negative feelings. It works well for any kind of feelings like anger, fear, cravings etc.

Months before a friend visited us in Bangalore. We were talking late night and then shared her disappointment with her finances. She was going through tremendous stress due to her finances. I suggested her to try this technique and guided her. Within a minute her stress due to finances was gone and suddenly things started to look brighter (literally) to her. We kept on discussing this technique and then she wanted to try it onĀ  other parts of her life. We did this on her anger issues, her anxiety about some future events and even some negative things coming from past. And by the time we were done it was already 4AM. And by that time she was looking brighter and fresher. Later she told me that she got literally healed that night.

Let us go through this technique and how to do it.

  • Think about something that causes negative feeling inside you. For beginning take something mild. Once you practice it a few times, you can go for more complex and bigger stuff, if any.
  • Where in your body are you feeling this feeling. And notice the end points and direction of the feeling. Suppose the feeling starts at point A and ends at point B.
  • Now imagine that as the feeling is moving from A to B, at B it comes out of your body and re-enters through point A, making a complete circle or disk.
  • Notice the speed of the feeling as it is rotating in the form of disk and also the color of feeling.
  • Imagine there is a hole in the middle of the disk, much like CD/DVD disk. And put an imaginary stick through that hole and grab the stick from ends with your hands.
  • Now rotate the feeling faster and faster. Mentally count from 1…2…3 and at 3 push this stick towards front taking the disk out from your body with itself. Keep holding it in front of you.
  • Notice the disk, the speed and the color.
  • Now change the color to some pleasant color say white, or golden. Some people change it to pink as well.
  • Flip the stick between both hands very fast such that the right-hand-end will now go to the left hand and vice versa. And watch the disk. You will notice that the direction of the disk has reversed.
  • Now mentally count 1…2….3 and with force pull this disk back into your body. You will immediately feel a sense of relief.
  • Break state.
  • Test again by thinking about the thing that caused the feeling and try to get the feeling back. If you have done everything as described you will not be able to get the feeling back in this step.

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